The Issues

Route 38

Route 38 traffic has spilled over onto streets, bringing noise and danger to previously  peaceful neighborhoods. I will work with local boards and businesses to push for aid and development to reduce congestion on this vital highway

40b Housing

Generations who built our towns and young families are struggling with housing costs. In addition, both towns will be required to address a 40b housing shortage. I will work with government developers and residents to solve these issues, while preserving the feel of our community.

Bringing Business Back

It is no secret that Wilmington and Tewksbury have economic opportunities waiting to arise in unused properties. By working with the Office of Housing and Economic Development, I will seek high-quality, reliable companies to add to the towns’ economic portfolios, with a focus on small business.

Wilmington: Transrail Trash Facility

Wilmington is bound to face the Transrail trash facility development in the coming months. As the attendee for many meetings on Representative Miceli’s behalf, I am the only candidate familiar with all parties in the matter and hope to lead Wilmington in the fight to stop this development from being shoved into our community.

Tewksbury: A New Elementary School

As the ambassador for the Representative’s office, I helped develop land transfer legislation to provide a building site for the proposed Tewksbury elementary school, and even toured potential spots for it. As State Representative, I will fight daily to help build the school and improve Tewksbury’s K-4 educational resources.

The Opioid Epidemic

As State Representative, I will always help those in need, just like I did before. Over the years, I have worked to find dozens of individuals – many not even from the district – detox beds, residential program beds, and even halfway houses once they are further down the road of recovery. I daresay that I am the only candidate who has worked with families who have successfully sectioned (Section 35 for those curious) an individual, and worked with the family, courts, and patient to successfully find beds. I can’t tell you how many times I called an insurance company, or MassHealth, to argue to extend the patients stay or change their insurance network so someone could be properly admitted. On occasion, I even helped a family work with a free attorney to successfully petition the courts to have a loved one sectioned and committed.

I believe Massachusetts needs to focus on medical facilities that are not looking at their financial bottom line with regards to this crisis. Working with families, I have seen first-hand that many of these centers are actually held by a holding company and treat the patient with minimal care which ultimately leads to relapse. I also believe the state needs to invest in poly-substance and dual diagnosis treatment. Poly-substance abuse treats addictions across a multitude of drugs, and dual diagnosis treats those with mental health issues that led to addiction. Both are extremely critical to understand in the world of dependency, and in my view have been ignored long enough.

I also want to point out that the US and Massachusetts struggle to adapt to new drugs being introduced into our communities. A simple change of a molecule could introduce a new drug that is technically legal. China, Mexico – even Afghanistan – all have labs which focus on creating new drugs and can easily change the chemical makeup of opioids and other drugs. Massachusetts needs to overhaul its drug laws to target the end result of chemical compounds rather than criminalizing one drug at a time. The bureaucracy here is literally killing citizens. We need to create a flexible and responsive set of laws to allow our men and women in the police to stop drug distributors.


I never have nor never will support sanctuary cities and the concepts of them. Unlike my opponents, who have not mentioned any other policy regarding illegal immigration but sanctuary cities, I have vocally and formally opposed allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. Again, unlike my opponents, I have vocalized my staunch opposition to allowing for state ID’s or driver licenses to illegal aliens as well. I have the most recent and wide-reaching knowledge on what proposals are being put forward regarding illegal immigration and the best and deepest knowledge on which ones need to be stopped. No other candidate can claim this.