Dave’s Story

About Me

I am a lifelong resident of Tewksbury who spent much of my time in Wilmington, visiting my best friend, volunteering as a Scout, and more. As the former Chief of Staff for Representative Miceli, I worked alongside Jim as an intern, constituent affairs aide, and legislative researcher. Over the years, I solved hundreds of problems for residents, ranging from housing to medical insurance issues, and from late-trash pickups to lost RMV documents. In addition, I often presented awards, speeches, and certificates on Representative Miceli’s behalf. I graduated UMass Amherst with dual majors in Political Science and Economics.

Why I’m Running

I want to be State Representative because I want to give back. I know many people say that they want to, but I owe everything to where I am now to Wilmington and Tewksbury. Growing up in Tewksbury, I had a great education, joined extraordinary sports programs, and participated in several extracurricular activities. As a Boy Scout, I was taught civic duty, leadership, responsibility, and more; which resulted in earning my Eagle Scout Award alongside my best friend. While I refurbished the nature trail behind the Heath Brook School, he built the loading dock at the Wilmington Food Pantry, and together we worked on both projects. As a matter of fact, it was at my ceremony where I asked Representative Miceli for an internship position because of my passion for public service. He said yes, which led to me eventually joining his office for the next ten years in a multitude of roles. Since then, I have solved hundreds of constituent issues, researched and developed legislation, and more. This was wonderful as I was able to assist families, place sons or daughters in detox, help house veterans, or even just help people get their trash picked up or mail delivered. This allowed me to sharpen my community service skills, which I now wish to put toward serving the 19th Middlesex district.